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The Soil Adhesion Assay is a novel high throughput analysis to determine the adhesive properties of polysaccharides in soils.  This is new method was developed within the Knox Cell Wall Lab, University of Leeds.

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ORCID ID Number: 0000-0002-7276-3758

Scientific Talks and Conference Appearances

New Phytologist Next Generation Scientists, Norwich, July 2017, present a poster 

Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, May 2017, presented a talk 

Postgraduate Symposium, Leeds, May 2017, presented a talk 

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, February 2017, presented a talk 

International Fascination of Plants' Day, Leeds, May 2017 presented a talk

Centre for Plant Sciences Symposium, Leeds, January 2017, presented a talk 

Postgraduate Symposium, Leeds, July 2016, presented a poster 

XIV Cell Wall Meeting, Chania, Crete, June 2016, presented a talk 

Showcase, Leeds, December 2015, presented a poster 

Postgraduate Symposium, Leeds, July 2015, presented a poster 

Leeds Masters Symposium, Leeds, September 2014, presented a poster 

Askham Bryan Horticultural Symposium, York, May 2014, presented a poster 

International Plant Propagators' Society, Edinburgh, September 2012, presented a talk