Up coming talks

Dr Hopkins-Galloway is currently taking some time off to write a book and to record the next season of the New Botanist Podcast.

If you would like Dr Hopkins-Galloway to talk at your organisation or have a suggestion for a future talk please get in touch via the contact form.


Dr Hopkins-Galloway is due to give a recorded talk on his background at the University of Oxford. Dates and times to be confirmed. 

Past events and recordings

The Wood Wide Web Nature’s Interconnected Superhighway

Wednesday 25th May 2022



Beneath a forest is a fungi-root network, known as the Wood Wide Web that forms the basis of a far-reaching transit and communications network. This fungi not only shuttles resources between plants, in exchange for fuel, but can also decide where to shuttle those resources and by how much.

Importance of Soil and How Life on Depends on it

Friday 3rd December 2021


Soil forms the basis of all land-based ecosystems on Earth. Prior to the generation of soil, the land was littered with sterile rocks without any life. This highly complex medium is formed of minerals, dead and decomposing organic matter, air, water and life (microorganisms, animals and plants). We depend on soil for our agricultural crops as well as it being a huge biodiversity reservoir and the world’s second largest carbon store second to our oceans. We have been overburdening our soil for thousands of years but with good environmental practices we can protect this vital resource.

Plant Roots: A Ground-Breaking Perspectiv

Thursday 15th April 2021


Plants are incredible. They use a greenhouse gas to constructure their organs, are the basis of most food and medicine on Earth, and release a proportion of the oxygen that we depend on. In this talk I will focus on roots, which are a crucial organ that extract resources needed for growth and to anchor plants to soil. As well as extracting resources, they secrete molecules that can attract fungal partners to boost their growth. This fungal relationship has been shown to connect whole ecosystems such as forests.

Making Our Communications Accessible For All

Wednesday 24th November 2021


Accessibility isn't just for people with accessibility needs, it can benefit everyone. Editors of digital content should consider making all their media suitable and adaptable for all their users. In this talk you will learn how to create fully accessible digital content, from documents to presentations, to webpages.  You will also be able to effectively use alt-text, captions, transcripts and know the best practices for writing accessible text. 

Wood Wide Web Story

Tuesday 27th October 2020, University of Oxford.


The brain is host to many mysteries. It controls so much of what we do and who we are, but how? In the second of two events, meet researchers who have dedicated their working lives to finding out the mysteries of the mind – join their personal stories that shine a light on the human element that influences science. For those who wish to hear my story read out click the above video to 38:55.